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Suck It Up, Dyke!
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Welcome to SIUD!

suckitupdyke is a community for lesbian and bisexual women (the term 'women' is used very loosely) who need, or want to give, realistic, helpful, and no bullshit advice to other lesbian and bisexual women.

Most of this advice will boil down to the following:
1. Break up with her
2. Have sex with her
3. Wait till you leave home/finish school
4. Don’t be so selfish
5. Just fucking talk with her!

There are a lot of kind, well-meaning, always-positive and supportive lesbian communities on LJ. This is not one of them. We are here to tell you point-blank exactly what we think of your problem and exactly what we think you need to do about it.

Your relationship will not always 'turn out alright,' she will not always see that 'you're beautiful on the inside,' having a good heart is not an excuse for giving bad oral, and most importantly -- don't worry, we all want to sleep with our ex-girlfriends, too.

Think she's probably straight?
Want people to know you're queer without having to wear an 'I LIKE GIRLS IN THAT WAY' tshirt?
Wondering if your faux-hawk is an offense to aesthetics everywhere?
Searching for the cheapest u-haul rates?
Trying to fix a broken heart?
Trying to fix a broken strap-on?

ASK US. We'll tell you.

Before you join…

The SIUD F.A.Q.: It's for reading.

Please NO intro posts, posts that are links to things on your own journal, posts that are links to events/articles/etc. While these are interesting and important, they don't belong here. LJ has lots of queer event and chatting communities. THIS IS FOR ADVICE and that's all it's for.

suckitupdyke is the artificially inseminated brainchild of proletariat.
Moderated by: proletariat, pretentiousgit, trixtah, alphaloria.
Got a problem with someone in here? Whine to them, not us. And read this.
Got a continuing problem with someone who you feel should be banned? Got a suggestion? Request? Problem with or idea for layout, member setup, anything to do with the hardware of the community? Yeah, ask us.
Don't promote in here, because it's annoying and because of this. Promos will get you banned, reported, and disliked.

The Goodies

Promote S.I.U.D.! The more people who help us, the more people who help you.

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