to the max (camillemaxwest) wrote in suckitupdyke,
to the max

Three random questions

Three random questions (not directly related to one another):

1. How would you feel about being single for the rest of your life? Do you think you could be happy?

2. Are you less likely to hang out with a single friend once you're in a very serious relationship, even if the single friend isn't necessarily focused on living a "bachelorette" type of lifestyle that isn't relatable anymore (i.e., mostly wants to socialize with friends for the purpose of going out and meeting potential romantic or sexual partners)? I ask because I've had some straight friends in relationships cite a more bachelorette type of lifestyle as a reason for growing apart from single friends.

3. The majority of the LGBT community in the U.S. seems to lean Democratic/very liberal. Would you date a woman who identifies as Republican or more moderate? Let's say she's socially moderate or liberal, but tends to lean right or in the middle when it comes to other issues. NOTE: The intention of this question is certainly not to start a political debate. I'm not a Democrat - I'm probably more independent and do have some Republican views - and I genuinely do wonder if this makes me "less dateable" to gay or bi women. I'm open to honest yes or no responses on this.
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