meow (feeeny) wrote in suckitupdyke,

I've never dated a man. Ever. I've slept with men, but in all my 27.5 years, all of my relationships have been with women.

I recently moved to a new state and started an online profile that specifically said i was looking for friends. I left my status as bisexual, so that I would be open to both male and female messages.

I met a guy. He's awesome. I like him. I've been on several "dates" with him, and he's been... kind of slow on the uptake if you get what I mean.

I sent him a message last week telling him that I like him more than a friend, and that it didn't matter how he felt, I still wanted his friendship. I told him that if he wasn't interested to respond via emoji to lighten the mood a bit, and he responded with a snail.

Yikes. My first male rejection. Ever.

Yet, he keeps texting me and asking me to hang out and go do things. Is he sincerely interested in friendship or did his snail represent that he wants to take it slow? He knows about my orientation and how my previous relationships were with women. Did that scare him?

I'm so confused.. advice? Please and thanks <3
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