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About a week ago, I started casually texting with a girl I met online. When I originally asked her what she was looking for, she said "up for whatever, and if it turns into something more, that's cool too."

We ended up going out on Saturday night, had an awesome time, and I spent the night. Nothing happened until Sunday, late morning. We were both laughing about the night before and cuddling, etc. I went for the kiss and she was into it, so much so that she initiated sex. I am kind of ashamed to say I slept with her after only one "date" but, it was hot and I haven't had chemistry like this with someone in a long time. She gave me butterflies.

I left her apartment, and she texted me shortly after. She didn't really say anything about what had happened, just light-hearted banter. She made a comment about loving to cook and wanting to make me dinner one night, go to a haunted house, etc. Basically a good indicator that she wants to see me again.

After some time, I sent her a message telling her that thinking about our morning gave me butterflies... she responded with "i had a great time." A little vague, but ok. I change the subject and we continue with light-hearted conversation, but she seems.. different. She stopped responding quite abruptly after a while, so I let it be, assuming she would get back to me in the morning as she normally would. Well, today went by and I didn't hear from her, so I sent a text around 5ish. She said "super busy, working a double. how are you?" After that, the replies were a bit short and pretty spaced out, even after she was done working. I know that I don't know her, but I can definitely tell when someone has taken a step back. I texted her "goodnight, text me tomorrow :)" and she said "will do... sleep tight."

What should I do? Should I back off and wait to hear from her? Maybe put the ball in her court? Did my comment about butterflies spook her? She's bisexual and I don't think she's ever dated a girl, she's not out to her friends/family, and I probably freaked her out. I have a huge crush on her but I don't want to fuck it up. Part of me feels like I should back off and play it cool for a while, but the other part of me is like wait, no, I like you, and I want you to know that. Maybe I'm jumping the gun; I wasn't expecting to have such a strong infatuation so quickly.

Any advice would be appreciated!!!
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