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faqs: how to move on

Hello hello. Many years ago this community helped me get a grip on a destructive first queer relationship, you know the one.

The heard-it-all-before mundanity reactions were actually very reassuring. So here's another standard situation:

I have just been dumped from a relationship I was not at all ready to end. We'd had some really solid merging of friends, shaped each others' outlook on things, the whole fucking thing. But after a while she became unsure she could be in a relationship at all, lost faith in our relationship at least, and ended it.

It's over, I know, I can live with that. Maybe I will also accept it's for the best. But I love her and she still feels like a part of my life, even if I were to never see her again.

My question is.
How do I move on?
And especially.
How do I move on without having these feelings and memories negatively affect future relationships/other partners?
I mean, apart from the obvious Don't Be A Dick mantra, what a the major terrible things to avoid when being that Just Out Of A Serious Relationship person dating again.
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