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in dire need of an explanation

Back in December my ex straight up told me she never wanted to talk to me ever again. She didn't want me in her life and I was the last person she ever wanted to see again. So we parted ways and I vowed never to look back. Then recently she hit me up asking if I still had her shirt. I didn't and I chose to be cordial to her. We caught up a little bit and that was it. Then she texted me again the next night.

The thing about me is that I can get attach easily. Which is something I do try really hard to control but sometimes it's hard. I thought maybe we can be friends. So the next night I decided to take the initiative to hit her up. Then it got a bit weird. She brought up all my flaws and how she was sick of me being so judgmental during our relationship (which i clearly didn't know I was and I apologized NUMEROUS time...I assume she still hasn't forgiven me...). Then she kept questioning my sexuality and what I consider myself when she claimed she doesn't "label" herself.

I tried to brush everything off because I didn't know what to think of it. Plus, for some unknown force, I really wanted to be friends. So I tried to treat her like a friend. I was dating someone and I was having problem so I tried to seek her advice. She got really upset over the situation and it ended up on a weird note. I texted recently to wish her a good weekend and I never heard back from her.

I don't understand what is the deal?! Can someone please tell me what is going on?
I know I made a few mistakes by trying to be friends and talking to her again but I just don't get her behavior...

Thank you in advance!
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