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My girlfriend smokes pot and I prefer to drink beer. Typically this hasn't been an issue until recently. She just got a new job that requires her to work nearly every weekend night. Since I'm used to hanging out with her primarily on the weekends, I've been seeing a LOT more of my friends and doing a LOT of partying. She doesn't have a real social circle and has been vocal about her envy that I have a lot of friends. Alcohol makes her physically sick after a few drinks, so for her, hanging out at the bar with me and my friends doesn't sound appealing to her, understandably. She wishes things were different, but she'd rather avoid alcohol all together than risk getting sick, which I am supportive of.

Before this job, I saw my friends on average once or twice a week. In the last two weekends she's been working, I've partied Thursday-Sunday both weekends. It's been BEAUTIFUL outside and it's just enjoyable for me, and she's not home :(

However, she's been getting aggravated with me because she comes home to a sloshed gf every night after working a long evening, and I can see how that'd be super annoying. So after a little argument and some talking, I've decided to allow myself one night a week out with my friends, and that I will drink only then and on special occasions. I'm doing this for my personal health as well as to compromise with her. I'm 25 years old and my body hates me every morning when I've gone out.

Here's what I need advice on... what the hell am I supposed to when she's working that doesn't involve drinking? I would like to take up some kind of hobby or something to occupy my time. I get antsy when I have nothing to do and it drives me crazy. I'm not one of those people who likes to have people over to watch movies or sit and talk. Don't get me wrong, these friends are real friends, they just like to party and we talk a lot when we go out.

Are there any sites out there for social groups? Any suggestions of your own?
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